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Plastic Extrusions, Tubes, Profiles, and beyond...

Is Your Extrusion Provider an Innovator?

Being a great source for plastic extrusions is more than just competitive pricing, fantastic service and quick lead times. We like to take it even further than that. Keller excels by delivering innovation, from developing inventive plastic technologies to helping support your company's green initiatives.

Your profile to manufacturing in less than 4 weeks!

  • In-house research and development in cutting edge plastics technology
  • Antimicrobial plastic extrusions
  • Custom color matching
  • Plastic extrusion in both post-consumer and post-industrial materials
  • Plastic extrusions and profiles in cost effective, earth-friendly alternatives to PVC
  • Biodegradable plastic extrusion solutions
  • Non-brominated RoHS compliant flame retardant materials
  • Now producing the latest LED Lens Profile Technology!

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Profile Design Tips

  • Tooling Selection- We utilize 3 technologies to produce extruded Profiles. We have 3D Printing Technology that produces profiles: quick, inexpensive, and generally 12 inches long. We offer plate die technology that allows us to produce prototypes and limited production runs quickly and economically. We also employ "state of the art" calibration tools that can run production with extremely tight tolerances.

We hope this helps. Please call us with any questions!

Plastic Extrusion: The Keller Way

Through constant R&D, process improvement, and frequent equipment upgrades, we've ensured that Keller can always offer more. This allows us to do things differently. To offer more competitive pricing. To create more advanced extrusions. To be a better source for plastic extrusions, no matter how complex your requirement.

Keller Gives You More. Here's how:

  • Eliminate plastic extrusion tooling costs
  • Comprehensive stocking / inventory programs
  • Custom polymers to meet your application needs
  • Concept to tooling in less than 5 days
  • 48 hour delivery via rapid prototyping for extruded profiles in ABS
  • Two in-house machine shops
  • AutoCAD / 3D modeling

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