"Plastic Extrusions for a Changing World"

Keller Products is more than just a leading plastic extrusion house—we aim to be your business partner. We’re a customer-oriented company focused on innovation and quality plastic profiles.

Corporate Leadership

John Hudson, President of Keller Products Inc., welcomes you to our company and speaks about the factors that make Keller unique among extruded plastic manufacturers.

John holds a PhD in plastic engineering and has more than 30 years experience in the industry.

Why Keller?

Expertise, versatility, innovation and customer service. These are the traits of our company that set us apart from other plastic extrusion manufacturers.
Give us a call, and you’ll immediately notice the difference.

Call us at (603) 446-6916

Exciting News ! Tubes, Hollows and all Materials

We have just installed a new “State of the Art” Extrusion line that is capable of running Tubes and complex Hollow Profiles. We are the experts in running any type of  Plastic Material you may require.
Give Us a Call Today ! 


An extrusion house is only as good as its capabilities. From standard plastic extrusion designs to coextrusions, hollow profiles and more, we do it all. We also offer 3D printing and free design engineering assistance to our customers.

Photo Gallery

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The Process of Plastic Extrusion

The process of plastic extrusion at Keller Plastics involves the heating of polymeric...

Products Produced With Plastic Extrusion

When melted plastic is forced into a die to create plastic profiles, the resulting...

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