Custom Plastic Extrusions

We do it all! When your design calls for Custom Plastic Extrusions, we can tackle the toughest jobs. We have been doing this for over 43 years! We are experts in Custom Plastic Extrusions.


Plastic Extrusion is a process in which very small pellets are fed into a machine with a rotating screw and a barrel that supplies heat. The small pellets (typically referred to as the “resin”) are slowly heated and melted to form the melt. The melt is then forced or squeezed through a die which forms the shape of the profile. The die may be in the form of a tube, rod, sheet, coating, film or as custom profile.

The heat is then removed and the melt which was created by the melting of the pellets, now takes the shape of the die as a permanent profile. The key to this process is that it is “continuous”.

Other Plastic Processes could make a profile but it would be much shorter than the lengths that are created through the creations of Plastic extrusions.

The beauty of plastic extrusions is that the lengths can be extremely short (less than .250”) or they can be extremely long and/or spooled into lengths of 1,000 feet or more. The machine that is used to create Plastic extrusions can also do many different materials and colors.

There are many post extrusion processes that can be applied to the plastic extrusions such as cutting to length, laminating, punching holes, embossing, and printing.

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The size of an extruder is generally based on the size of the screw. A 1-inch machine is relatively small and contains a screw that is 1 inch in diameter. These machines are typically used for medical products, R & D, and/or expensive materials. The output is generally low, around 50lbs/hr. On the other side of the spectrum, a 6-inch extruder, has a screw diameter of 6 inches and is capable of putting out over 2,500 lbs/hr. The extruder in essence is generally a simple machine in which a screw turns, heat is applied and pellets are melted.

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For over 4 decades, we have manufactured plastic extrusions, plastic extruded products, coextrusions, hollow profiles, recycled profiles, custom profiles, and more. We have the technical expertise on staff (even PhD’s) that includes materials, profile design, Senior Processing Engineers, and a Sales Staff that can answer all of your questions immediately. We run every type of material that is commercially available and we can even have custom formulations produced.

We service every industry today and we are very proud of our customer base in providing custom plastic extrusions. Plastics are our business. Therefore, our manufactured plastic profiles in ABS, PVC, nylon, and polycarbonate are created by no less than industry specialists. There is absolutely no design too simple or too complicated for our team of experts to design or manufacture, which is why offer custom materials and designs to meet your needs when it comes to Custom Plastic Extrusions.

We offer many services that also complement our Custom Plastic Extrusions.  We can custom color any color that you provide us.  We can apply pressure sensitive tape on any design and, with many of the newer technology tapes.  Here at Keller Products, you can expect specially designed screws during the manufacturing of plastic extrusions. The reason being for this engineering feat is in order to provide us the best melt with an ultimate degree of mixing for brilliant color dispersion. If you don’t already know, the ratio of the length of the screw to the diameter of the screw is typically conveyed as the L/D ratio. Thus, a low of 20/1 to 24 to 1. L/D’s ratios being a common length to diameter ratio can get as high as 30/1 here at Keller Products in order to get the best dispersion when it comes to color.

We have custom made drilling stations that can be positioned to provide any type of design scenario for holes.

We can also provide custom laminations and would be happy to send you samples upon request.  We currently have seven lamination stations that can handle many different types of custom plastic extrusions.

We offer custom packaging and are currently packaging an extruded profile product that is sold to a “Big Box” Company.

We have many customers that we provide inventory management in that we stock their Custom Plastic Extrusions so they can pull any number of units and drop ship them anywhere in the world. Keller Products is a versatile company that provides a number of capabilities and products backed by years of experience, allowing us to work with customers coming from various industries. We serve markets involving aerospace, consumer and retail, healthcare and medical, military, automotive, electrical, industrial, and recreational and sporting goods.

Keller Products runs all materials including, foamed profiles, elastomeric profiles, co-extruded profiles, and almost anything you can dream up.  We even tackle the toughest designs with the more exotic materials. Be it simple, complex, hollow, coextruded, or embossed, our team of experts can customize it for you. In addition, our specialists understand that no two jobs are the same and we plan to keep it that way.  This means that here Keller Products we can offer you any number of products for your design needs.

We offer complete Engineering Design services and can even offer up 3D print prototypes, yes, even in Extrusion! With our focus on innovation, we can assist you in designing virtually any plastic profile and even develop new types.

We have been the leader in the latest extrusion technology and we pride ourselves in offering you a quick solution for your extrusion needs. We offer support in any decisions you make and provide assistance in addressing all designing and manufacturing issues.  Keller Products is definitely more than just a leading plastic extrusion house because we also aim to be your business partner.

We deliver innovation.  We guarantee Quality, Service, and Value Every Day!


How Much Does Plastic Extrusion Cost?

There is no short answer to the cost of customized plastic extrusions because of the different possibilities available for each project. Total cost is dependent on what your final product is, how much you need, and the process required for your plastics to be extruded. There are multiple processes and a wide range of custom plastic extrusions available that allow us to create products with different requirements. Not all companies utilize the same extruding processes either. Contact us for the best quote based on your custom plastic parts needs!


Why Keller Plastics Is The Best Custom Plastic Extrusion Company

Keller Plastics has tackled some of the most challenging requests for custom plastic extrusion and has risen to the challenge each time. We want to help you with your custom plastics project, regardless of the product type or how the plastic is extruded. We have serviced just about every industry with our custom plastic extrusion such as Aerospace, retail, medical, and automotive. We offer custom designs and materials to meet your needs as the leader in plastic extrusion.

Our engineers will design the final plastic product to meet your specs and we will customize the color of the parts you want during the custom plastic extrusion process. At Keller Plastics, we guarantee that you receive quality service and value. Call us today for a quote on your custom plastic extrusion project.

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