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Plastic Extrusion

We’re passionate about our abilities and diversity of offerings for our customers. We manufacture plastic extrusions in standard profiles, commodity plastics, engineering polymers, coextruded, hollow, and other extrusion products profiles.

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Coextrusion is a key capability. At Keller, we can provide coextrusion to inexpensively combine the properties of two different materials.


Plastic Profiles

We offer a number of extruded profiles for different uses, made from a variety of materials.


Plastic Engineering Polymers

Over the years, variations of plastics have been invented, each with unique qualities. These polymers can be made into advanced profiles and different extrusion products.

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Hollow profiles and plastic tubes look like simple designs, but not every extrusion house can manufacture them. We can.

What Does The Extrusions Manufacturing Process At Keller Plastics Look Like?

We’ve been providing plastic extrusion products for over 43 years.

Plastic Extrusion is a process in which very small pellets are fed into a machine with a rotating screw and a barrel that supplies heat. The small pellets (typically referred to as the “resin”) are slowly heated and melted to form the melt. The melt is then forced or squeezed through a die which forms the shape of the profile to create extrusion products. The die may be in the form of a tube, rod, sheet, coating, or film. We can tackle the toughest designs with common or exotic materials.

The heat is then removed and the melt which was created by the melting of the pellets, now takes the shape of the die as a permanent profile. The key to this process is that it is “continuous”. Other Plastic Processes could make a profile but it would be much shorter than the lengths that are created through the creations of Plastic Profiles Or Polymers. The beauty of Plastic Extruders is that the lengths can be extremely short (less than .250″) or they can be extremely long and/or spooled into lengths of 1,000 feet or more.

Over the years many variations and unique qualities of plastics have been created to produce extrusion products. At Keller Plastics, we have maintained quality and expertise in our extrusion products. The machine that is used to create Extruded plastic can also do many different materials and colors. There are many post extrusion processes that can be applied to plastic extrusions such as cutting to length, laminating, punching holes, embossing, and printing. The size of an extruder is generally based on the size of the screw. A 1 inch machine is relatively small and contains a screw that is 1 inch in diameter.

Plastic Extrusion

Our expertise derives from a great staff with decades of experience and advanced degrees in plastics engineering. We Are Rated As One Of The Best Manufacturers For Plastic Extrusions!

Keller Plastics Is The #1 Plastic Extrusion Supplier

Keller Plastics is one of the industry-leading plastic extrusion supplier companies. Our skill runs the gamut. We have tackled tough custom design needs to commonplace plastic extrusion manufacturing. The machines we use are typically used for medical products, R & D, and/or expensive materials. The output is generally low, around 501bs/hr. On the other side of the spectrum, a 6 inch extruder, has a screw diameter of 6 inches and is capable of putting out over 2,500 lbs/hr. The extruder in essence is generally a simple machine in which a screw turns, heat is applied and pellets are melted.

The parts of an extruder consists of a hopper in which the pellets are placed. The hopper has a feed throat in which the pellets drop through onto a screw which is turning. The screw and barrel is similar to a standard meat grinder which melts the material and conveys it to the front where the die sits. A filter is placed in front of the oncoming melt to filter any un-melted material or contaminates and create back pressure on the melt.

The die is extremely important in that it determines the final shape of the product. Most of the time an Engineering Print is created so that the die can be cut so the Plastics Extrusions will ultimately meet the print and give the customer what they are looking for. The final part of the extruder itself is the Control Panel that monitors the pressure in the barrel, the temperatures, RPM of the screw, and motor load.

As the molten plastic exits the die, a water bath (with roughly 50°F water) is next to accept the hot profile and cool it back to room temperature. This water bath locks the shape so that it will match the Engineering Print. A puller is placed after the bath that feeds the cutter so that various lengths can be cut. The screw is probably the most important (of course the added heat is important too) part of the extruder in that it must properly melt the material.

Our expert technical knowledge of the process and equipment used shows in Keller products.

Here at Keller Products we use specially designed screws to manufacture Plastic Extrusions. They are engineered to give us the best melt along with a high degree of mixing for excellent color dispersion. The ratio of the length of the screw to the diameter of the screw is typically expressed as the L/D ratio. Common length to diameter rations run at a low of 20/1 to 24 to 1. L/D’s ratios can be as high as 30/1 to which we use here at Keller Products to get the best dispersion in regards to color.

we know you will have a wonderful experience the moment you make contact with us regarding your Plastic Extrusion needs.
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