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Customer service is our number one priority. To demonstrate our commitment to you, we offer free tooling programs to select customers, as well as other pricing programs. At Keller, we hope to be more than just your plastic extrusion house; we aim to be your business partner. Keller Products keep you informed every step of the way of the manufacturing process on design, cost, and available options. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers first, and we’ve developed a number of programs to help reduce or eliminate tooling costs and other manufacturing costs.


Free Tooling

With our industry-leading engineers and two in-house machine shops, we design, build and maintain custom tools to meet our customers’ plastic profile needs. As a partner, we are able to offer free tooling programs to many of our customers.

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Pricing Programs

Paid tooling up front » rebate on tooling costs after 100,000 ft
Free tooling for new customers based on profile design
Free prototype tooling on runs over 10,000 ft


Other Services

Stocking Programs:

Our just-in-time and dock-to-stock (DTS) programs allow our customers to keep their inventories low. Our long history and exceptional record for quality and dependability have prompted our customers to implement dock-to-stock programs. Our customers know they will receive the quality product that they want on time. Our dock-to-stock programs save our customers time and money on internal audits and inspections. In addition, they allow our customers to ship directly to their customers, cutting down precious lead-time.

Total Packaging Solutions:

Our in-house packaging solutions are customized to meet our customers’ unique needs, be it specialized packing, custom film or wrap, bar-coding, and custom labeling.

Third Party Billing:

For your convenience, we also offer third party billing to our customers.



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