Flame Retardant Profiles

Flame Retardant Profiles

We offer some great technology to improve the fire safety of plastic profiles. Today, most thermoplastic materials more or less burn easily, and as these materials burn the evolution of smoke raises great health concerns.

Non-halogenated Flame Retardants

The flame retardant package that is added to the thermoplastic material must be effective, utilized at a minimum loading, and be safe. They cannot affect any of the properties of the material or adversely affect processing it. Keller Products has developed several new Flame Retardant profiles that offer a number of interesting properties. Ordinarily we discourage the use of halogens – either chlorine or bromine – but they are available for demanding applications. We generally use non-halogenated flame retardants in synergy with smoke suppressant technology so they provide an increase in the materials resistance to ignition; reduce the burn rate, reduce the spread of smoke emissions and flames, while minimizing the plastic dripping during combustion.

We even offer a plastic that is flame retardant and biodegradable.

We currently have a number of flame retardant profiles based upon non-halogen systems that are RoHS compliant. The base materials are ABS and a PC/ABS material. These materials will meet requirements of UL94V0. Other Flame Retardant profiles include a TPO material that is certified to pass the ASTM E84 (Steiner Tunnel Test) as a Class I material.

With out focus on innovation, we’re always pushing the envelope with cutting edge plastic designs and technology. Flame Retardant profiles are just one of the custom profile designs we offer.

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