Medical Profiles

Medical Profiles

For years, Keller Products has been a go to source for customers that need extruded profiles, and we’ve made every effort to rise to the challenge by combining superior profiles with quality, innovation, and customer service that deliver a level of value that’s hard to replicate.

Recently, we have added the capability of producing medical profiles by setting up a medical development area focused on running high quality Medical Profiles for even some of the most challenging specifications. This new line is capable of running medical profiles as prototypes or on a full production basis.

Designed primarily for producing larger medical profiles –such as devices, equipment, and packaging – our state of the art medical profile lines are equipped with 2 extrusion lines capable of producing medical profiles as a single layer or a coextrusion. Additionally, a custom water bath has been designed to run the medical profiles either “wet” or “dry”. This makes medical profile production possible for an extremely wide variety of materials and configurations.

We make medical profiles in materials such as bio polymers, latex free materials, elastomeric materials, PLA, and antimicrobial polymers.

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