Recycled Plastic Profiles

Recycled Plastic Profiles

At Keller Products, we use recycled plastic in many of our profiles. Plastics technology allows us to make use of recycled materials in virtually any profile design, eliminating waste and saving you money. Recycled plastic profiles are just as strong, durable, and flexible as profiles manufactured from new or “virgin” plastic. We’re committed to our customers and to sustainable business practices. Recycling plastic material is a simple, cost effective method of practicing “Green Chemistry”, a guideline that Keller Products strives to follow in order to reduce our environmental impact.

Advances in recycling programs and waste-to-energy technologies are bolstering public awareness and support for increased sustainable recycling programs and the development of better “earth friendly” plastics. We utilize both post-consumer and postindustrial materials as well as bio based resins in our plastic extruded profiles. Keller Products can help you become “green” – we have the experience and the know how.

We’re also proud to announce we practice the Principles of Green Chemistry in all of our plastics operations.

Click here for a full list of recycled materials we offer.

PVC Alternatives


PVC is a wonderful material overall, but it is one of the least desirable materials from an environmental standpoint. Keeping this in mind, we have developed several environmentally friendly PVC alternatives.

PVC Alternatives

On the flexible PVC side, we have developed an alternative material to PVC that offers the same flexibility with similar outdoor weathering properties as PVC but has improved high and low temperature performance. The material is available in black and a wide variety of custom colors. A semi-rigid PVC replacement material is also available. Both of these materials are comparably priced to PVC.


On the rigid side, we have three alternatives to PVC from which to choose. The first one is a general purpose replacement offering similar properties and pricing. The second one is a flame retardant material that is also RoHS compliant in that it does not contain any Bromine, Chlorine and/or heavy metals. The last one is a Green material (source is post consumer and post industrial recycled material) that offers outstanding impact strength and lower costs.

Other Alternatives


Many of our plastics are made from recycled materials, regardless of the type of profile. As a standard business practice, we strive to incorporate as much recycled plastic material as is possible into our manufacturing process. In addition, we also offer biodegradable profiles for those customers interested in boosting their commitment to sustainability.

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