Coextruded Profiles

Coextruded Profiles

What is coextrusion?

Coextrusion is the process of combining two or more materials into a single custom plastic profile. Coextrusion is an extremely versatile processing technology that can create custom plastic extrusions embodying different characteristics (flexible in certain areas and rigid in others). By combining several materials together, we can deliver one unique product with new and exciting characteristics. The process itself is constantly evolving too—yielding more possible designs. The ability to manufacture coextrusions is one of the main benefits of plastic extrusion technology, and one of our key manufacturing capabilities.

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Coextrusion will enable you to achieve properties that could not otherwise be attained. The process can help you save money by reducing the amount, and ultimately the cost of including more expensive compounds in the mix; and by allowing you to recycle scrap material, therefore lessening the amount of waste. Thus, coextrusion is a useful manufacturing capability that’s good for your bottom line and good for the environment. Coextrusion is ideal when the requirements of a design cannot be satisfied by a single material.

We have produced a number of exotic, coextruded plastic profiles; including soft elastomer sealing strips, among others. Opportunities for coextrusion combinations are ever increasing with the emergence of new materials. Our engineers will work with you to develop just the right innovative coextruded solution to meet your specific application needs.

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