What Machine Is Used For Plastic Tube Extrusion?

What Machine Is Used For Plastic Tube Extrusion?

Understanding the various categories of extrusion machines available is essential to the success of a business. The machine used for plastic extrusion differs according to the material used and the desired product. The different plastic extrusion machines include single-screw extruders, multiple-screw extruders, and ram extruders.

Whether you own a plastic extrusion machine or are looking to buy one, you might seek to understand which machinery to use for extrusion. At Keller Plastics, our team is extensively skilled and experienced to ensure quality output.

Introduction To Plastic Extrusion Machines

Simply put, a plastic extrusion machine converts raw plastic material to the desired product. The extrusion process of various extruder machines for plastic differs slightly based on the type of machine; however, the basic process is similar. An extruder machine’s primary parts are its screw, barrel, and screw drive motor.

Other components important for extrusion are the raw plastic material and the die. The raw material majorly used is resin plastic. Resins are small plastic pellets that are simple to load and melt. The die is a component used in molding the plastic melt into different shapes. Dies are of various forms, such as; a rod, tube, sheet, film, coating, or a custom profile.

Types Of Plastic Extrusion Machines

The three primary plastic extruding extruder machines are single-screw extruders, multiple-screw extruders, and ram extruders. The most widely used plastic extrusion machines are single-screw and multiple-screw extruders, offering endless capabilities of extruded plastic profiles. However, ram extruders, which employ a plunger instead of a screw to melt plastics, are equally effective.

Single-screw extruders use one screw to rotate melted plastic inside a barrel. The melt is molded into a continuous profile depending on the die in use and then cut to length. Sheet extrusion, pipe extrusion, and modified compounding are examples of applications of these intruders. Single-screw extruders are simple to use and inexpensive.

On the other hand, multiple-screw extruders are a little more complicated and pricier than single-screw machines. Multiple-screw machines use more than one screw inside the barrel, making them superior to the single-screw in blending, reaction, efficiency, and speed.

At Keller Plastics, we believe in giving you the best quality of products, and therefore our manufacturing capabilities are just what you need.

Benefits Of Plastic Extrusion Machines

Plastic extruding machines feature components that make them more appealing to use. These include;

High Volume Manufacturing At Low Costs

Plastic extruding machines can manufacture large volumes of products without compromising consistency and quality. The seamless manufacturing of large volumes of products saves on the cost of production.


Extrusion machines can combine various types of raw materials that improve product properties. Additives in the extrusion process enhance features such as durability, strength, flexibility, fire resistance, and color matching.


An extruder machine for plastics can produce profiles of different lengths with high accuracy for short and long forms.

Post Extrusion Alterations

Plastic extruding machines mold plastic extrusions into various shapes. When squeezed through the die, the melted plastic takes a permanent form.

Continuous Production

An extruder machine can quickly and effectively produce shapes of various lengths continuously.

Applications Of Plastic Extrusion Machines

Various sectors require continuous profiles. Therefore, plastic extruding machines are in use across these sectors, which constitute;

Sheets Extrusion

It involves the production of sheets. The most favorable materials for sheet extrusion include PC, PP, PET, PVC, and PS.

Extrusion Of Pipes And Tubes

Pipes and tubes have simple cylindrical features that make them appropriate for extrusion. Most materials used in the extrusion process include PVC, HDPE, PEX, PP-R, and ABS.

Blown-Film Extrusion

Here extrusion is used to produce food storage and grocery bags.

Wire Insulation Extrusion

Many thermoplastics are suited for extruded wire insulation, cable insulation, and jacketing because of their excellent thermal stability and electrical insulation properties.

Compounding Extrusion

It involves the manufacture of products that have mixed materials. Materials such as filler, additives, and reinforcing components are incorporated in extrusion to produce products of various properties. 

The use of a particular product majorly guides the mix of materials. For instance, a gas pipe needs to be more flexible than a PVC pipe; therefore, the components used in the extrusion of both products will differ.

Advantages Of Plastic Extrusion Machines

There are numerous advantages of extrusion, making them vastly preferable in the manufacture of plastic products in comparison to other plastic processing machines for these superior aspects;

  • High efficiency.

  • High speed of operation.

  • They can produce parts with intricate cross-sections.

  • They make it easy to combine various materials to produce unique and exciting products.

  • Plastic extruding machines are considerably more affordable than other machines.

  • Minimal wastage as plastics can be reused and melted into different forms.

At Keller Plastics, we believe the advantages of extrusion machines make the machines the best to use.

Disadvantages Of Plastic Extrusion Machines

As much as extruder machines for plastics are advantageous, they also have limitations that come with them.

  • The extruder machines can only obtain one type of cross-section at a time.

  • Extruded products removed from an extruder retain their heat.

     This heat causes the extruded products to expand unpredictably, resulting in size and shape dimensions deviations.

  • Although a wide range of items is an output of the plastic extrusion process, there are still some restrictions, and some products necessitate the purchase of additional extrusion machinery.

     Products such as UHMW and PTFE only melt well with the ram extruders, and if you already possess different machinery, you may need to add the ram extruder for processing.

For more than 40 years, Keller Plastics has been leading the industry in providing custom plastic extrusions of unrivaled quality and affordability. We offer a wide range of plastic extrusion capabilities with professional engineering and design services to satisfy your needs for custom extruded plastic at affordable pricing. 

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