Products Produced With Plastic Extrusion

Products Produced With Plastic Extrusion

When melted plastic is forced into a die to create plastic profiles, the resulting products are known as plastic extrusions. The type of plastic preferred by manufacturers is known as thermoplastics. These are ideal for plastic extrusion as this type of material can be easily melted and cooled down into a new form without compromising its strength.

The most common types of thermoplastics used by plastic extrusion manufacturers are PVC, polypropylene, ABS, Polycarbonate, and Nylon. Depending on the end application, one material will be preferred over the other. Keller Plastics uses many different materials to create fully customized products for any application.


Keller Plastics produces various tubes and pipes. These products can be as small as a drinking straw to as large as city sewer pipes. This tubing may be responsible for transporting everything from gasses to liquids. Apart from crafting custom lengths and sizes, Keller Plastics can also produce tubes with different wall thicknesses.


Plastic Extrusions can produce cross-sectional shapes to a variety of specs. These shapes can be produced in many different sizes, depending on the end product. Some examples of profiles include railing, trim, and rain gutters.

Solid Extrusions

Not all plastic extrusion products are hollow. Rather, there are solid extrusions that can be used to create products that are maintenance-free and weatherproof. Some examples of these products include outdoor furniture, benches, deck planks, and fence posts.

Film And Sheets

Plastic extrusion manufacturers can produce thin film and sheeting products for consumers. Some of the thinnest products include window glazing, protective screens, and blister packs. These can be used for tinting car windows, protecting smartphone screens, and packaging medication.


When it comes to protecting electrical products, plastic extrusion is the most popular process used. The plastic insulation that you’ll find around wires is crafted via the plastic extrusion process. This works by having a wire put into a die. Then, the plastic product is melted down and forced into the die. Once cooled, this creates a plastic insulation layer around the wire to ensure it’s waterproof and abrasion-resistant.

If you need help with plastic extrusions, give Keller Plastics a call. We’ll bring our experience to the table to provide you with a variety of plastic extrusion products that meet your needs. We’ll even provide you with free tooling so that you can be assured that you’ll get the products that you desire.

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