Custom Plastic Tubes

Plastic Tubes

Hollow profiles and plastic tubes may be relatively simple designs, but that doesn’t mean everyone can make them!

We work hard to provide our customers with what they need, in high quality and on time. Sometimes even the simplest profiles can be difficult for extrusion manufacturers to design and produce, but at Keller, we rise to the challenge.

Keller Products can provide custom designed tubes and hollow profiles from ½” diameter up to 5”. We recently installed a new “state of the art” hollow tubing line that can run a wide variety of plastics including custom compounds. We have the ability to customize your application including laser printing, standard labeling, cutting, punching and notching.


Custom plastic tubes are among the most unique and challenging designs offered by Keller Products. Unlike simple profiles made from PVC or other low-grade materials, custom plastic tubes designed by Keller Products are high-grade, durable plastic extrusions made from a variety of materials. You name it, we design it!

Our custom plastic tubes are manufactured in-house on our hollow tubing line. Our dedicated staff and engineers closely monitor every custom plastic tube that we manufacture in our facilities. Custom plastic tubes manufactured by Keller Products are guaranteed to be high-quality, durable, strong and made to your exact specifications. We focus on quality, innovation and customer service every day—right down to every extrusion we make, including custom plastic tubes.

At Keller, we have the latest technology available to extrude all profiles that have a hollow portion contained within the shape. We can extrude:

We can design and run square hollow designs in all types of materials AND we can extrude coextruded profiles that may contain a “soft touch” part on a section of the profiles. We have all of the specialized equipment necessary to extrude all types of hollow profiles. We also have the ability to provide inline options such as a wide punching and labelling, along with offering a wide variety of colors and materials.

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